Unsure About Which Visual Identity To Select?

Although CommonSpirit is one health system, our facilities are identified by specific logos in different markets.  This model is known as a house of logos.

What is a house of logos?

Even if you’ve never heard of the term, you’re familiar with the approach. Charmin, Pampers and Tide, for instance—each has its own identity, but they are part of the same company: Proctor & Gamble. In our case, the signature identities of Dignity Health, CHI Health, St. Luke’s Health, CHI LakeWood Health, and other care sites are well known in their respective communities—while the CommonSpirit signature is rarely seen by the public.


So, which icon should I click at the top of the page?

That depends on your role, and the audience that will be receiving your order. Read more below to inform your decision.


If you work in a CommonSpirit Division—where care is provided and supported—you should continue to use regional identities on your promotional merchandise (Dignity Health, CHI Health, Virginia Mason Franciscan Health, etc.).

If you are a National employee—those who work for national functions that span our entire ministry (such as Legal, Clinical Engineering, Communications, Information Technology and Digital) —you should use CommonSpirit on your promotional merchandise.


Which Hello humankindness logo color should I select?
When ordering Hello humankindness product, you must select the color that aligns to your visual identity (i.e. rose for CommonSpirit, orange for Dignity Health, green for Virginia Mason Franciscan Health, blue for CHI Health, St. Luke's Health, CHI St. Vincent, etc).


One important rule about audience: if the merchandise that you are ordering will be patient-facing in any way, the regional identity should be applied (i.e. not CommonSpirit).



Please contact sales@eleadpromo.com. The team is well-versed on identity questions and will engage with the CommonSpirit Brand team as necessary.